WWW.LIFEONAWALL.CO.UK – Bespoke Photo Collage Wallpaper

Transform photographs into your own unique wallpaper

Choose from 3 designs, measure your wall, upload your images and we will custom design and print your very own wallpaper.

Bespoke wallpaper created using your own photographs- Last week I had this fantastic opportunity to work with a brand new company launching it’s range of custom wallpapers.

Here is a selection of the images from the 2 shoots


One thought on “WWW.LIFEONAWALL.CO.UK – Bespoke Photo Collage Wallpaper

  1. I am interested in getting wallpaper made from family photographs in random collage style in black and white. This is for a wall n my sun room which is currently being built so I dont have the exact measurements yet? How much does this cost and how do you go about getting photographs uploaded?

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